Our work

Centuries of history and technological innovation to ensure the best of wood and the authenticity of Bassanese furniture

Love for art, wood scent, accurate sanding, are the typical features of the bassanese craftsmanship, historic, authentic furniture, rich in style and elegance

The origins date back to the early 1900s, when, young enthusiasts, they realized the need to restore art furniture from the ‘600s and’ 700s. In their small carpenters, they approached the constructive technique of Bassano del Grappa’s art and began to make perfect reproductions of the original furniture.

Through hours and hours in touch with the antique furniture, artisans perfectly assimilated the most intimate secrets, alongside the art of centuries prior their experience and giving to the furniture reaized the flavor of antiquity.

The furniture of today, albeit transformed into form, has injected the characteristics of then. It is the old tradition of woodworking, the passion infused by the artisans, craftsmanship and design, which make BassanArt furniture a style icon, synonymous of efficiency, precision and quality, at customer service.