Experience and mastery of our craftsmen, handmade furniture from the classic and unmistakable style

BassanArt is the brand of excellence of Effeci Mobili, born in 1991, thanks to the story and passion of the founder, Bruno Fiorese, who with the help of a specialized team created a unique craftsmanship of its kind: Furniture in pure Bassanese style, realized according to the rules of construction of the ancient ebanian tradition of the territory.

BassanArt features original furnishings, embellished by a workmanship that is handed down from generation to generation and reflects the characteristics of the classical Bassanese tradition, rich in history and technique, warm and at the same time sophisticated

Attentive to everybody’s needs, BassanArt produces furniture designed and modeled according to the customer’s requests, maintaining a classical and elegant style, typical of ancient technique, offering crafted, handmade craftsmanship and high quality furniture, unique in their manufacture.